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As innovators of original designs and unique products for architectural hardscapes, MATCRETE has been a leading manufacturer in the decorative concrete industry for over 25 years.


In the late 70's, imprinted concrete took off in California. Contractors were able to stamp patterns into colored concrete by way of aluminum or plastic "cookie cutter" stamps. It was not until the early 80's that rubber stamping mats were introduced. The new wave of stamping concrete with rubber mats allowed applicators to simultaneously imprint both pattern and texture into concrete. Although available to the public, contractors were required first to buy a franchise in order to purchase and use rubber stamping mats. During this period, our founder Mike Kaitanjian, transitioned his cellular concrete contracting outfit into a stamped concrete contracting company.

Aware of the voids in the market and imperfections in available products, Mike designed and engineered the first independent product line of decorative concrete stamps, MATCRETE. Mr. Kaitanjian utilized his personal experience in the field and knowledge of products, to educate and promote stamped concrete to a genesis of specialty contractors. Ahead of it's time, Matcrete Inc. was the first manufacturer in the industry to provide training and materials to contractors with no franchise or distribution fees.

Over the past 20 years we have developed products to resemble the appearance of the natural materials. Just as Mike Kaitanjian helped liberate trade in the stamp tool industry, we at Matcrete Inc. continue to innovate products that not only inspire the concrete artist but even our own competition.

Mike Kaitanjian passed away September 2001. He is survived by his wife Cathee and 4 children: Kim, Kris, Kelly and Kyle; they all are instrumental in the Matcrete Corporation. With a 30,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility, Matcrete currently offers a generous selection of admixtures, color hardeners, release agents, sealers and the widest range of imprinting tools for decorative concrete and stampable overlays.


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